Give Your Puppy or Kitten the Right Start in Life

Please meet our team of dedicated veterinary professionals.

The Chester Veterinary Clinic technician team is committed to providing quality veterinary care throughout the life of your dog or cat. Our family of technicians include Heather, Sally, Jessica, Rebecca, Lexy, "Little" Heather, and Mary. They are an invaluable resource in the care of your pet. They are amazing caregivers and are a huge part of your pet’s medical team!

The Chester Veterinary Clinic is thrilled to have such an experienced group of ladies on our receptionist team. All of them have worked as technicians and have a wealth of medical insight and information to assist and guide our clients. Combined they have 49 years of service to Chester Veterinary Clinic. When you call you will be welcomed by Diane, Laura, Liz, Mary, Megan, Kate, and Kathy!