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Please meet our team of dedicated veterinary professionals.

It is rare in the veterinary profession to have a technical team that share 87 years of service and experience to one practice between just 5 technicians, but that is the situation at the Chester Veterinary Clinic. Our head technician Patty, a graduate of Becker College, has been with us for 26 years! Heather just 3 years behind her with 23. Sally, Laura and Andrea round out the team with Rebecca; a new graduate from Northwestern. What this translates to for our clients is a team that works well together and with the doctors and has a wealth of experience taking care of patients with all kinds of medical conditions.

The Chester Veterinary Clinic is thrilled to have such an experienced group of ladies on our receptionist team. All of them have worked as technicians and have a wealth of medical insight and information to assist and guide our clients. Combined they have 49 years of service to Chester Veterinary Clinic. When you call you will be welcomed by Diane, Laura, Cathy, Ashley, or Andrea.